Gloriously Geeky Wedding Invitations


In honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out this weekend, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite geeky wedding invitations that we’ve done over the years. One of our favorite changes over the past few years has been the idea of making weddings something very personal to the couple. Brides and grooms no longer have to stick with the constraints of traditional weddings. If you love the idea of a big, traditional, white, romantic wedding, go for it. Want to pass out wands and transform your wedding into Hogwart’s? Do it! Go ahead…walk down the aisle to the Imperial March, let your groomsmen wear superhero t-shirts under their tuxes, let your geek flag fly!

1. Force of Love Invitations
Since we’re celebrating Star Wars, we figured we should start with these. Whether you’re a part of the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, our “Force of Love” invitations are perfect. No bothans were harmed in bringing you these invitations.


2. 8-Bit Video Game
An ode to everyone’s favorite plumbers. Our “8-Bit Video Game” invitations show off your love of vintage NES. Controllers not included.



 3.  Wedding of Thrones
Declare your allegiance to each other with our “Wedding of Thrones” invitations. Available with one or two of your favorite house sigils, you can send these across the seven kingdoms to invite guests to your big day.
4. We Solemnly Swear…
…that we are up to no good. Invite all of your magical and muggle friends to your wedding with our “We Solemnly Swear” invitations. Bonus points for sending them via owl.

5. Steampunk
We love the steampunk aesthetic with all of the brass and gears and quirky gadgets, and our “Steampunk” invitations have just the right blend of vintage and industrial.

6. Superheroes of Matrimony
The Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, Superman…these guys are all great, but show what superheroes you are with these comic book-inspired invitations.


7. One Ring
Now that you’ve found the one, celebrate with the “One Ring.” Our Middle Earth-inspired wedding invitations are perfect for elves, hobbits and orcs of all kinds.

We’ll update this post as we design more. Right now we’re working with a few couples on some great new designs, and we’re always up for suggestions! Looking for something that we’re missing? Let us know and we can help design it!

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